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    Advances in aptamer evolution and engineering [1]
    African American males navigating their way to college : a socio-ecological resiliency model / [1]
    British women novelists and the review periodical, 1790-1820 / [1]
    The brown glass ceiling? A qualitative study of Hispanic women/Latinas leaders in higher education [1]
    Call synchrony and the evolutionary origins of leader preference in Neoconocephalus ensiger katydids / [1]
    A case study of the successes and challenges of opening a 21st century learning community for elementary students / [1]
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying immune tolerance against type 1 diabetes / [1]
    Characterization of two grapevine stilbene synthase genes from Vitis vinifera 'Cabernet Sauvignon' and Vitis aestivalis 'Norton' / [1]
    Clinical and treatment perspectives for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction / [1]
    Community development network analysis : examining obstacles to rural community development / [1]
    The copyright state of play : film archives in reference to the accessibility and reuse of archival footage for documentary filmmakers / [1]
    A critical approach to academic, community, and family literacies of first-generation college students in Latin America / [1]
    Design, fabrication, and testing of a bioprinted nerve graft [1]
    Distilling whiteness : prohibition of alcohol and Americanization of German-Americans in Missouri / [1]
    The effect of focused response to intervention on math scores / [1]
    Essays in corporate finance / [1]
    Evaluating the use of self-report as a feasible method to support and measure integrity levels [1]
    An experimental investigation of drunk personality using self and observer reports [1]
    Explanation for the cognitively bounded : psychology and the pragmatics of explanation / [1]
    The exploration and regulation of gender and sexual identities in literacy education / [1]