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    Can you hear me now? The voices of high achieving black males emerge in predominately white high schools [1]
    Carnivore ecology and conservation : implications for tiger conservation and management in Nepal / [1]
    A case study of perceptions of value for students at a private, liberal arts college in the Midwestern United States [1]
    Cell-to-cell infection, cell-cell fusion and production of ebolavirus : mechanisms of action and cellular modulators [1]
    The cellular and humoral immune response against primary infection with Coxiella burnetii [1]
    Centralized and decentralized police systems : a cross-national mixed-methods study of the effects of policing structures with lessons for Thailand [1]
    Characterization of 14-3-3 [chi] phosphorylation in phosphorus stress in Arabidopsis thaliana and investigation of acetyl-coA carboxylase regulation using quantitative mass spectrometry [1]
    Characterization of grapevine vein clearing virus expression strategy and development of caulimovirus infectious clones [1]
    Co-sexuality : the lived experience of communicatively organizing around sexuality / [1]
    Co-teaching model of student teaching : perceptions of beginning teachers for career readiness [1]
    Cognitive processes contributing to visual working memory performance in individuals with autism spectrum disorder / [1]
    College-ready, career-ready or career- and college-ready : do education stakeholder perceptions create barriers to student engagement? [1]
    The communication and psychology of identity on mobile dating apps for men who have sex with men [1]
    Community college student retention : an examination of student pre-entry attributes, academic experiences, and social experiences and the relationship to first-year persistence [1]
    A comparison from 2008-2015 between Missouri public school student computer-based and paper-and-pencil based high stakes assessments by race and socio-economic status [1]
    Competency based grading in students' achievement [1]
    Complex microbiota targeted rederivation (CMTR) as an alternative method to study effect of gut microbiota on host physiology / [1]
    Computational methods for protein structure prediction and next-generation sequencing data analysis [1]
    Connection between superintendent school board relations and the political frame of organization analysis [1]
    The connection between superintendent-school board relations and the political frame of organizational analysis : a qualitative approach [1]