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    Partial membership latent Dirichlet allocation [1]
    Pattern recognition through source signal separation / [1]
    Peptide nanoconjugates for tissue diagnostics and molecular imaging [1]
    Perceptions of childhood as indicators of early attachment deficits among individuals with a history of violent crime [1]
    Peripheral nervous system alterations in disease and injury [1]
    A phenomenological case study of beginning teachers' pre-service and induction experiences [1]
    Positive support teams : interventions for students of poverty to improve attendance, test scores, and graduation rate in a rural Missouri high school [1]
    Predation and competition among larval salamanders : the influence of density dependence, phenology, food web structure and habitat complexity [1]
    Predicting the quality of middle schoolers' teacher relationships [1]
    Preparing students with disabilities to self-advocate for favorable post school outcomes : a qualitative case study of transition services in high schools [1]
    Probabilistic graphical models for protein structure prediction [1]
    Professional collaboration experiences : perceptions of novice teachers [1]
    A qualitative examination of role definition, organizational positioning, and job qualifications of Title IX coordinators [1]
    A qualitative investigation of the career development of urban, minority adolescents / [1]
    A quantitative analysis of economic disparities of 2011-2013 rural Missouri public school districts and English 1 examination scores [1]
    Quantitative analysis of elementary pre-service teacher and educator preparation program performance on the Missouri Content Assessments by race, ethnicity, gender, program selectivity and minority-serving institution status [1]
    Quantitative analysis of MCA [1]
    Real time video mentoring : investigating synchronous video technology as a mentoring tool for new music teachers in rural school districts [1]
    Recent efforts on model-based simulation of engineering problems : multiphysics and multiphase interactions [1]
    Rectifiability and harmonic measure [1]