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    Real time video mentoring : investigating synchronous video technology as a mentoring tool for new music teachers in rural school districts [1]
    Recent efforts on model-based simulation of engineering problems : multiphysics and multiphase interactions [1]
    Rectifiability and harmonic measure [1]
    Refreshing the audit committee: rotation versus new blood [1]
    The regulation that comes from combination : the effects of combining multiple policy areas within a single environmental protection agency in the states [1]
    The relation between organizational citizenship behavior and fashion retail businesses' sustainability performance : investigating internal and external antecedents / [1]
    The relationship between 2013-2015 Missouri public school district student performance and district expenditures and statistics [1]
    The relationship between body image and marital satisfaction [1]
    Rememorando la guerra civil : una relectura de las novelas historicas de Max Aub a partir de la "memoria historica" [1]
    Resident assistant peer training : perceptions surrounding the use and effectiveness of experienced student leaders as trainers at one small private catholic university [1]
    Resilient communities : the impact of social helping networks and structure on the differential success of rural Armenian households [1]
    Restoration at the roots : mycorrhizal interactions and habitat restoration in glades and prairies [1]
    Restriction of HIV by TIM-family proteins and antagonism by NEF / [1]
    Restriction of human immunodeficiency virus by T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-family proteins and antagonism by nuclear export signal [1]
    Retention of young women in high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics career and technical education programs [1]
    Retention of young women in high school stem CTE [1]
    Rhetoric as repression : the roles and effects of government framing [1]
    The role of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in microglial signaling pathways during neuroinflammation [1]
    Salesperson networking behaviors and sales prospecting outcomes : essays on the roles of motivation and communications-mix synergies. / [1]
    Selling wellness : the cultural politics of holistic health in the U.S. [1]