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    Salesperson networking behaviors and sales prospecting outcomes : essays on the roles of motivation and communications-mix synergies. / [1]
    Selling wellness : the cultural politics of holistic health in the U.S. [1]
    A sequential exploratory mixed methods study of Carnegie libraries and the library profession, 1900-1910 [1]
    Short-term heart rate variability as a general indicator of health estimated by ballistocardiography using a hydraulic bed sensor in elder care [1]
    Silicon valley and the new gatekeepers : an institutional view of journalism, technology, and social sharing of news / [1]
    Soil quality in organic cropping systems [1]
    Some results in convex geometry [1]
    Soybean seed trait improvements and their effects on human and animal nutrition / [1]
    Spatial modeling of aboveground carbon dynamics of the U. S. central hardwood forest [1]
    Stability of planar fronts for a class of reaction diffusion systems [1]
    Stability, states, and interactions of the enzyme phosphomannomutase/phosphoglucomutase by nuclear magnetic resonance and multivariate analysis [1]
    Stability, states, and interactions of the enzyme PMM/PGM by NMR and multivariate analysis [1]
    A stakeholder analysis of admission in a baccalaureate social work program [1]
    Stepping out of the cloak of voiceless-ness : a post-colonial and feminist analysis of the representation of the black female voice in the Afro-Hispanic narrative [1]
    Strange and familiar : narratives of embodiment and objects after breast cancer [1]
    Structural and functional characterization of Clostridium difficile toxin B binding and entry [1]
    Student perceptions of athletic training preceptor traits and their effects on board of certification examination outcomes / [1]
    Students flexing their persistence muscle : race critical incidents in higher education [1]
    A study of cosmic dust in the galactic environment [1]
    A study of educational leadership preparation concerning the assistant principal : perspectives of Missouri principals and assistant principals [1]