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    Tef, khat, and community resilience : a mixed methods examination of smallholder adoption of sustainable intensification practices. [1]
    Testing the Bayesian brain hypothesis in visual perception [1]
    Theoretical and computational modeling of the dynamics of multicellular and lipid membrane systems [1]
    Theoretical and computational studies of bio-molecular systems : structure and dynamics [1]
    Theoretical and computational studies of biomolecular systems [1]
    Three essays on the relationship between franchising and productivity [1]
    Three essays on water management strategies in response to climate change [1]
    Three questions concerning Reid's moral epistemology [1]
    Title on page 1: Moral distress : values and barriers experience by critical care nurses [1]
    Understanding sucrose and raffinose family of oligosaccharides in soybean seed for human and animal utilization [1]
    Understanding the experiences of Latino/a non-academic employees at the University of Missouri [1]
    Understanding the reacculturation experiences of first-generation, undecided students / [1]
    Unpacking middle school achievement: how students perceive the effect of home, school, and community influences on their academic success [1]
    Urban vacant lots : ecological quality and social opportunities in Baltimore, Maryland [1]
    The use of ferroelectrics and dipeptides as insulators in organic field-effect transistor devices [1]
    The use of polyhedral borane derivatives as molecular electronic scaffolds [1]
    Utilizing gene therapy methods to probe the genetic requirements to prevent spinal muscular atrophy / [1]
    Utilizing social media to inform inclusive apparel design for baby boomer women [1]
    "We didn't realize the loss until it actually happened" : a phenomenological, dialogic analysis of sibling pairs' relational talk about moving apart [1]
    Work hard, play hard : exploring perceptions of play in times of rigor and high accountability [1]