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    Academic achievement and persistence in online self-paced courses
    Adolescent sexting : an examination of the psychosocial contributions to the creation and sharing of sexual images
    Aging alone in the family home : exploring place attachment and personal adaptation
    Alloparental care in two societies : who helps and in what circumstances
    The Ambrysus Stal (Heteroptera : Naucoridae) of Mexico : revision of Ambrysus (Syncollus) La Rivers and species groups of Ambrysus (Ambrysus)
    Amoralists, inverted commas, and the puzzle of moral internalism : an essay in experimental metaethics
    Analyzing the impact of a 1:1 initiative on student learning outcomes : a focus on low socioeconomic students in the high school setting
    Anisotropic energy transport properties of 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6-Trinitrobenzene (TATB)
    Antibacterial, plasmonic, and toxic properties of engineered nanoparticles
    Appearance modeling for persistent object tracking in wide-area and full motion video
    Applications of lactic acid and its derivatives in meat products and methods to analyze related additives in restructured meat
    Applications of network analysis in psychology
    Archival evidence on bias in auditors' assessment of client risk and the consequences for audit fees and auditor changes
    Assessing the impact of an innovative community of practice on teacher efficacy, leadership and practice
    Associations between psychophysiological, immune, endocrine, and serotonergic biomarkers of stress and gastrointestinal symptoms in autism spectrum disorder
    At home in Babylon : Billy Sunday's revival team and evangelicalism in modern America
    The attainment of social capital with adoelcsent girls living at the intersection of race and poverty in a community-based pedagogical space known as Auntie's Place
    Attenuation of rapid onset vasodilation with advanced age : roles of adrenergic and endothelial signaling
    Baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes towards obese children, knowledge about childhood obesity, and reported self-efficacy in addressing children's weight as a health problem
    Barriers and values of moral distress among critical care nurses