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    16th annual livestock feeders day [1]
    Agricultural College Farm, Letter of Hon. James S. Rollins to the Boone County Court [1]
    Agricultural College: Where Should It Be Located? Letter from Honorable James S. Rollins to Honorable F. Muench. [1]
    Agricultural Experiment Station of Missouri [1]
    Alumni and former students [1]
    Alumni directory : containing the names of all graduates of the University of Missouri (excepting the School of Mines, at Rolla) in an alphabetical, a geographical, and a class register, together with their present occupations and addresses [1]
    An assessment of the agricultural potential of central Tunisia [1]
    Blueprints for Hearnes Center and the Field House, 3-22-89 [1]
    Burning of the University of Missouri, January 9, 1892 : descriptive sketch [1]
    Catalogue of the libraries belonging to the University of Missouri and societies [1]
    Columbia Missourian extra [1]
    A comparative analysis of alternative technical assistance delivery systems, with emphasis on consortia [1]
    Composition of drainage water of Hinkson and Grindstone Creeks [1]
    The condition of the almshouses of Missouri [1]
    A damned-yankee professor in Little Dixie : abstracts from the autobiographical notes of Winterton C. Curtis [1]
    Death of President Lincoln: Public Meeting in Boone County, Missouri [1]
    Design of reservoir and dam on Hinkson Greek for Columbia, Mo. water supply [1]
    The development of the Hereford Cattle industry in the United States [1]
    Dissertation abstracts ... School of Journalism [1]
    Faculty recognition 2004 : William T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence [1]