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    Advances in Geriatrics(Evidence-based practice, 2017)
    Among patients with laboratory-confirmed influenza, does treatment with oseltamivir reduce morbidity and mortality?
    Are antihistamines an effective treatment for drug-induced bone pain?
    Are cannabinoids taken orally an effective treatment for adults with chronic neuropathic pain?
    Are falls in the elderly less common in nursing homes compared with living at home?
    Are IV or oral steroids better for treatment of acute COPD exacerbation?
    Are Latino migrant farmworkers at an increased risk of depression compared to the general Latino population in the United States?
    Are oral calcium channel blockers an effective treatment for primary Raynaud's phenomenon?
    Are pregnancy support belts effective in treating pregnancy associated lumbopelvic pain?
    Are the Vanderbilt ADHD scales helpful in ruling out comorbid conditions in children with ADHD?
    Are vestibular suppressants an effective adjunct to canalith repositioning maneuvers for the treatment of BPPV?
    BMI: A weak predictor of mortality in frail older women
    BMI: A weighty risk for complex endometrial hyperplasia
    Bursting the bubble : chewing gum for prevention of postoperative ileus
    Can HbA1C be used to predict which patients are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus?
    Can music therapy improve social interaction and verbal communication in individuals with autism spectrum disorder?
    Cold turkey or gradual approach for smoking cessation?
    Diving for PURLs (Evidence-based practice, 2017)
    Do adults previously vaccinated with the shingles vaccine need a booster?
    Do antiarrhythmic agents prevent sudden death in patients with heart failure?