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Recent Submissions

  • University catalog, 1929-1930: Summer session at Rolla : announcement 1930 

    University of Missouri (University of Missouri, 1930)
    The Summer Session at Rolla extends from May 26 to August 2, 1930, a period of ten weeks, during which ten hours of college credit may be made. The University of Missouri, in accordance with its desire to be of service to ...
  • University catalog, 1929-1930: Summer session : announcement 1930 

    University of Missouri--Columbia (University of Missouri-Columbia, 1930)
    The Summer Session of the University of Missouri is maintained primarily for those engaged in educational work during the regular school year, and who wish to utilize the vacation period to continue their training. In order ...
  • List of students, June 1, 1929-June 1, 1930 

    University of Missouri Curators (1929)
    This is a list of students enrolled at the University of Missouri--Columbia, and at the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla for the year 1929-1930. The students are listed by name, class level, post office, ...