Recent Submissions

  • Basic dental health for older adults 

    Michel, Jerry D. (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1993)
    "Good oral hygiene and dental care is valuable to the health and well-being of older adults. Yet many older people have significant dental problems. Many of these problems could be removed or improved through simple care ...
  • Accessory apartments (1993) 

    Cram, Leo L. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1993)
    An accessory apartment is a self-contained second living unit which is built into or attached to an existing single family dwelling. The apartment is private and generally smaller than the primary unit and usually contains ...
  • Shared housing (1993) 

    Cram, Leo L. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
  • Aids to independent living for the blind (1993) 

    Vaughan, C. Edwin (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
  • Exercise for the older adult (1993) 

    Clark, Bruce A. (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 1993)
  • Oral history in your community (1993) 

    Kieffer, Carolynne M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
  • Buying used goods (1993) 

    Dobbs, Ralph C. (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 1993)