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    Gene transfer technology: a tool for studying gene function and role in corneal pathogenesis [abstract]
    Geographic distribution of Show Me Healthy Women providers and breast cancer incidence and mortality in Missouri counties [abstract]
    Getting over a hangover: how do wake promoting neurons in the basal forebrain affect ethanol induced sleep? [abstract]
    Gold nanoparticles (GNP) or adeno-associated virus (AAV) mediated gene delivery in human corneal endothelial cells [abstract]
    Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) inhibits cytokine-induced nitric oxide and secretory phospholipase A2-IIA in glial cells [abstract]
    Health literacy in a rehabilitation setting [abstract]
    Health literacy in two outpatient clinics [abstract]
    Health policies for pulmonary tuberculosis: what works?
    Health Sciences Research Day
    Heterotopic gray matter in white matter in a 62 year old
    Hip structure and locomotion in ambulatory and cursorial carnivores reinvestigated [abstract]
    How are the yeast cyclins, PCL6 and PCL7 regulated in the GLC7 pathway? [abstract]
    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) augments synaptic neurotransmission in the nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS) [abstract]
    Hyperinsulinemia and hypovitaminosis D among overweight adolescents
    Hyperparathyroidism and hyperfunctioning supernumary glands: considerations for challenging management [abstract]
    Identification of the signaling networks involved in breast cancer metastasis to the brain using proteomic approaches [abstract]
    Identifying angiotensin II effects on protein kinase B activation in insulin metabolic signaling [abstract]
    Identifying barriers and facilitators in Practice Based Research Network studies
    Immediate versus delayed percutaneous coronary intervention for patients with non-ST elevation-acute coronary syndrome: a meta-analysis of randomised trials [abstract]
    The impact of "July effect" on "failure to rescue": do patients who undergo coronary artery bypass grafting at teaching hospitals face a selective disadvantage? [abstract]