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    The impact of "July effect" on "failure to rescue": do patients who undergo coronary artery bypass grafting at teaching hospitals face a selective disadvantage? [abstract]
    The impact of body mass index on achievement of functional changes during inpatient rehabilitation for lower limb amputees [abstract]
    Implementing a Chronic Care Case Management Program at MedZou Community Health Clinic
    Improving patient care and provider efficiency with innovative tools within the electronic medical record [abstract]
    Improving physician efficiency and patient car: assessing an electronic mood disorder questionnaire [abstract]
    In Vitro study of effect of light dose and photofin concentration on photodynamic therapy of medulloblastoma cells [abstract]
    In Vivo and In Vitro evaluation of 64 CU-labeled bombesin analogs for targeting gastrin-releasing peptide receptors on human prostate cancer [abstract]
    In Vivo and In Vitro evaluation of MRI contrast agent targeting human prostate cancer [abstract]
    Infection and massive bone marrow necrosis in the treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura (TTP) [abstract]
    Information horizons of first-year medical students
    Insulin-mediated increases in arterial baroreflex control of muscle sympathetic nerve activity following meal intake in humans [abstract]
    Integrin regulation of beta-catenin signaling in ovarian carcinoma [abstract]
    Integrin-linked kinase: a potential player in ovarian cancer metastesis [abstract]
    Intermolecular complexes of MT1-MMP, Cdc42 and 2 1 EC lumen formation in 3D collagen matrices [abstract]
    Interpreting the origins of the human hip: Evaluation of articular contact area in the ancestral hip joint [abstract]
    Interspecific and ontogenetic variation in great ape pedal phalangeal curvature [abstract]
    Intracranial and whole brain volumes in infants with sagittal craniosynostosis
    Intrathecal baclofen as a pharmacologic treatment for tactile defensiveness and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder [abstract]
    Intrinsic high aerobic capacity protects against lipid induced hepatic insulin resistance [abstract]
    Is our current view of Guillain-Barré Syndrome recovery and treatment incomplete? [abstract]