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    Selective attenuation of carotid-cardiac responses to hypertension at the onset of static handgrip in humans [abstract]
    Selective review of tDCS and cognitive training studies enhancing cognitive performance in health and disease [abstract]
    Self-care goals of adult patients with diabetes: How do providers interact with patients about them? [abstract]
    Self-reported Symptoms and Managment By Midwestern Breast Cancer Survivors
    Sleep deprivation causes epigenetic changes in the basal forebrain [abstract]
    SMAD-signaling inhibition: potential for developing newer treatments for corneal fibrosis [abstract]
    Solitary fibrous tumors of the nasal cavity [abstract]
    Sphingosine 1-phosphate-metabolizing enzymes control influenze virus amplification and the viral cyto-pathogenicity [abstract]
    Sphingosine analog AAL-R enhances dendritic cell responses upon TLR7 ligation [abstract]
    Studying physician use and satisfaction with web-based treatment guides that incorporate patient information from the electronic medical record [abstract]
    Sudden cardiac death in a young man with massive left ventricular pseudoaneurysm
    Systemic hemangiomatosis with a deletion in the KRIT1 gene: an unusual manifestation of cerebral cavernous malformation
    Targeting the guanylate cyclase c receptor with an agonist peptide from enterotoxegenic Y. Enterocolitica [abstract]
    Ten year review of melanoma with regression
    Testing the accuracy of two accelerometers for measuring steps in residential care and assisted living residents
    Therapeutic letters: effects on nursing students and recipients [abstract]
    The therapeutic role of resveratrol in allergic lung inflammation [abstract]
    This little piggy went running, that little piggy stayed home: a forelimb perspective of limb loading [abstract]
    Thymic myeloid and lymphoid cells derive from distinct DN1 progenitors [abstract]
    Tissue-selective controlled decorin gene delivery in the rabbit cornea significantly retards corneal angiogenesis in vivo [abstract]