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    A rare case of tension pneumocephalus in a patient diagnosed with nasopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (NPC)
    Relationship between nitrate and nitrite stress responses of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough and Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20
    Relationship between otitis media and temporal bone pneumatization [abstract]
    Reporting quality and system design concerns of voluntary medical incident reporting systems: a literature review [abstract]
    Retinal redox stress and ultrastructural remodeling in metabolic syndrome and diabetic retinopathy [abstract]
    Retrospective assessment of early growth characteristics in cerebral palsy subtypes
    Retrospective characterization of geriatric patients with fractures below the hip, and comparison of this patient population with geriatric hip fracture patients [abstract]
    Retrospective review of age versus orthopaedic trauma outcome [a bstract]
    Reversal of CNS autoimmunity by induction of oral tolerance to brain antigens mediated by antigen presenting cells of the lamina propria [abstract]
    Reversal of severe autoimmune diabetes at the stem cell level by bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitors
    Risk factors for abdominal compartment syndrome complications [abstract]
    The role of DNA methylation on gene expression in actue lymphoblastic leukemia
    Role of natural and synthetic progestins in progression of human breast cancer cells in an animal model [abstract]
    The role of PDGF-BB, lysophospatidic acid, and proteolytic activity in the invasive behavior of human brain vascular pericytes [abstract]
    RT-PCR on magnetically sorted B-cell subsets from pediatric bone marrow [abstract]
    SAHA: FDA approved histone deacetylase inhibitor demonstrates exceptionally high inhibition of corneal haze following PRK surgery in rabbit model [abstract]
    Screening for male osteoporosis at an academic medical center: retrospective analysis of DXA usage patterns over 5 years [abstract]
    Second rib curvature in apes and humans and implications for the evolution of thoracic shape in early hominins [abstract]
    Selective attenuation of carotid-cardiac responses to hypertension at the onset of static handgrip in humans [abstract]
    Selective review of tDCS and cognitive training studies enhancing cognitive performance in health and disease [abstract]