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    Emergency sonography: the use of focused assessment with sonography for trauma in mid-American trauma centers [abstract]
    Endurance or sprint interval exercise, & metformin treatment differently modify insulin-induced vasodilation in skeletal muscle arterioles of obese insulin resistant rats
    Erythromycin before endoscopy in upper GI bleeding: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
    Establishment of cohort of consecutive ANCA test requests at MU- Preliminary 3 month data review [abstract]
    Estimating radial curvature in fragmentary hominin fossils: a comparative study in apes and humans [abstract]
    Estrogen receptor and estrogen related receptor may corporatley regulate hypoxic gene expression [abstract]
    Evaluation [of] the effectiveness of a cognitive approach for teaching domestic chores to adolescents and adults with autism [abstract]
    Evaluation of [99mTC(CO)3]-labeled ERBB-2-targeting peptides for breast carcinoma imaging [abstract]
    Evaluation of [99MTc]glucarate as a breast cancer imaging agent: bench to bedside [abstract]
    Evaluation of a tranfected HEK293 cell line overexpressing the gc-c receptor [abstract]
    Evaluation of heart attack admissions pre- and post-implementation of a smoke-free indoor air policy [abstract]
    Ewing's sarcoma in a 52 year-old women with leg pain
    The experience of initiating and being on dialysis among the elderly [abstract]
    Experiences of low-income rural pregnant Missouri women as they navigate the health care system [abstract]
    An exploratory study of spatial ability and student achievement in sonography
    Exploring the intersection between safety culture and hospital nursing practice [abstract]
    Facial phenotypic differences in children with autism spectrum disorders [abstract]
    The financial burden of autism spectrum disorder
    Fiscal impact of standardized surgeon preference cards for an acute care surgery program
    Functional outcomes of patients undergoing anterolateral versus anteromedial approaches of the ankle for pilon fractures