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    Can estrogen related receptor cure cancer? [abstract]
    Can human xylosyltransferase-1 serve as a biomarker and therapeutic target for corneal fibrosis?
    Can ultrasound locate foreign bodies under the skin? [abstract]
    Caring for diverse populations: further steps towards increasing cultural humility in the UMHS primary catchment area [abstract]
    Changes in muscle force production and pain: is there a relationship?
    Changing the computer-patient-physician relationship: a qualitative evaluation of 30-inch computer screens in family medicine exam rooms
    Characterization of pericyte invasive responses and pericyte-induced vascular morphogenesis in 3D matrices: distinctions with vascular smooth muscle cells [abstract]
    Characterization of the dorsal ulnar corner in distal radius fractures : implication for surgical decision making
    Children's coping with domestic violence
    Chronic ethanol exposure affects adenosinergic mechanism in basal forebrain [abstract]
    Chronic ethanol exposure alters epigenetic mechanism in the basal forebrain [abstract]
    Cisplatin in renal transplant recipients: not an absolute contraindication
    Coalition capacity assessment of Columbia coalitions for a healthier Columbia (a qualitative assessment) [abstract]
    Combined augmentation mastoplexy [abstract]
    Community readiness assessment : is it an issue?
    Comparative analysis of pedicle screw failure in human cadaver vertebrae using simulated in vivo loading [abstract]
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging [abstract]
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging in the setting of multi-gland hyperparathyroidism [abstract]
    A comparison of forearm bone mineral density among collegiate gymnasts, distance runners, and non-athletes [abstract]
    Confounding of racial and socioeconomic risk factors in epidemiological assertions sampled from Robbins and Cotran: pathologic basis of disease [abstract]