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    A Dance-movement therapeutic intervention to improve balance and gait in community-based frail seniors: a pilot study [abstract]
    Demographic study of craniosynostosis patients in mid-Missouri
    Dermatology ECHO : a case report demonstrating benefits of specialty telementoring in primary care
    Dermatology ECHO : an evaluation of physical learning using the guided practice model
    Designing and optimizing a micromanipulator-controlled surgical tool for reproducible nerve crush injuries in mice
    Detection of microrna expression in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded materials with fluorescent in situ hybridization [abstract]
    Determining the structure of psychiatric visit adherence [abstract]
    Development and function of the mandibular symphysis in mammals [abstract]
    Development of an in vitro model of quail vasculogenesis [abstract]
    Development of biospecimen sample preparation techniques for molecular imaging using ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry [abstract]
    Development of high throughput tissue analysis laboratory [abstract]
    Development of human C-peptide LC-MS isotope-dilution assay: optimization of C-peptide isolation from biological fluids and with ion exchange chromatography
    Developmental integration of the cerebrum and cerebellum in primate model for schizophrenia [abstract]
    The diagnostic accuracy of the rapid ultrasound in shock (rush) exam for shock etiology : a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Differences in glucose control, insulin sensitivity, and body composition between metabolically healthy and unhealthy people with obesity
    Disruption of e-cadherin junctional integrity in ovarian cancer cells is promoted by LPA-induced MMP-9 activity [abstract]
    Do patients with craniosynostosis have increased incidence of auditory neuropathy newborns? [abstract]
    Do ultrastructural changes in aged peritoneum contribute to ovarian cancer metastasis? [abstract]
    Don't be such a baby! or the effects of the environment and T cells on neonatal immunity [abstract]
    Effect of a primed goal of patient safety on patient risk detection [abstract]