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    177Lu radiolabeled peptides for breast cancer therapy [abstract]
    3D analysis of primate hindlimb joints: reconstructing positional abilities in extinct primates [abstract]
    A 3D virtual atlas of the head anatomy of Alligator mississippiensis [abstract]
    AAV5-mediated targeted decorin gene therapy: effective and safe for corneal fibrosis [abstract]
    Absence of dystrophin alters the passive properties of the extensor digitorum longus muscle in mice
    Acute (binge) administration of ethanol causes histone H3 phosphorylation at SER-10, SER-28 & gene expression in rat liver in vivo [abstract]
    Adaptations to tree-gouging in the anterior masticatory apparatus of marmosets (callithrix) [abstract]
    Adenovirus-36 antibody status and BMI comparison among obese Missouri adolescents
    Affects of the inhibition of microRNA regulatory machinery in lymphoma cells [abstract]
    Alterations in carotid baroreflex control of arterial blood pressure during the menstrual cycle in young women [abstract]
    Analysis of the cerebellum in individuals with autism spectrum disorder using magnetic resonance imaging [abstract]
    Anatomy, histology, and ontogeny of the sesamoid cartilage in the jaw muscles of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) [abstract]
    Ang II contributes proximal tubule remodeling in transgenic Ren2 rats [abstract]
    Angiotensin converting enzyme modulates corneal angiogensis in vivo
    Assesment [sic] of cement augmentation and screw trajectory on pedicle screw fixation in osteoporotic vertebrae
    Assesment [sic] of quality of care for type 2 diabetes
    Atypical presentation of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a patient with sepsis
    A Balint curriculum's effect on family medicine resident empathy and psychological skills
    Beta cell dysfunction, oxidative stress and S6K1 activation in pancreas in the Zucker obese rat model [abstract]
    Binge drinking causes sleep disruptions: a likelihood of hangover [abstract]