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    3D genome structure reconstruction from chromosomal contact data [1]
    3D imaging for brachytherapy patient and mold applicator positioning verification [1]
    Advancements in evaluating reliability of nondestructive technologies for the detection of subsurface fracture damage in R.C. bridge decks [1]
    Advancements in the understanding of staphylococcal mastitis through the use of molecular tools [1]
    Advancing single molecule fluorescence microscopy through the study of dynamic macromolecules [1]
    Age at first use and later substance involvement : characterizing genetic and environmental pathways for tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis / [1]
    Age-generations in the workplace : an organization system type and space use preference systems analysis [1]
    Agendas and committees in American state legislatures : the causes and consequences of matching priorities with institutional roles [1]
    Airy beam for three-dimensional optical imaging / [1]
    Alternative applications of whole genome de novo assembly in animal genomics / [1]
    Alternative materials for radiovoltaics [1]
    Analysis of cell signaling during floral abscission in arabidopsis [1]
    Analyzing the impact of regular participation from at-risk students enrolled in a 21st century community learning center after-school tutoring program / [1]
    And it begins like this : essays [1]
    The Anthropocene as kairos : the rhetorical invention of ecological consensus / [1]
    Applying optimization techniques to identify multistate collaborations for improving biopower energy policy [1]
    An approach to clustering biological phenotypes / [1]
    Art/making sense of policy in art education [1]
    Assembling comics : the house style and legacy of RAW books and graphics [1]
    Assessing soil carbon and soil quality for sustainable agricultural systems in tropical hillslope soils using spectroscopic methods [1]