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    Evaluation of the geologic CO[subscript 2]sequestration potential of the Morrow B sandstone in the Farnsworth, Texas hydrocarbon field using reactive transport modeling [1]
    Evaluation of the incidence, severity and forage nutritive value of common weed species in Missouri pastures [1]
    Evidence-based treatment strategies in youth mental health treatment as usual : results from a national survey [1]
    Evolution and development of the paired spikelet trait in maize and other grasses (Poaceae) [1]
    Examining the relationship between trust and online usage of news media [1]
    Experimental assessment of advanced thermal imaging for detecting voids in ducts [1]
    An experimental investigation of the fluid structure interactions of a single curved nuclear fuel plate in a narrow channel [1]
    Exploring news framing in military-oriented newspapers [1]
    Field pennycress management in upstate Missouri [1]
    Flower production and effect of flower harvest on berry yields within six American elderberry genotypes [1]
    Framing of immigrants and refugees : a content analysis of mainstream and partisan news coverage of immigration [1]
    Framing protest in Missouri : framing protest on Missouri newspaper coverage of Concerned Student 1950 protest [1]
    From race records to rock 'n' roll : Elvis, Sun, and the production of culture perspective [1]
    GBIR SLC and interferometric simulation of Blue Springs Dam, Missouri [1]
    Gender dynamics in the advertising industry : the interplay of workplace culture and career advancement [1]
    A general method for sizing battery energy storage systems for use in mitigating photovoltaic flicker [1]
    Geographic inequities in local higher education opportunities? : identifying college deserts with critical GIS [1]
    Ground-based real-aperture radar single look complex and interferometric simulation of Blue Springs Dam, Missouri [1]
    High resolution meltcurve PCR assay for detection of salmonella and escherichia coli O157:H7 in foods [1]
    High resolution meltcurve polymerase chain reaction assay for detection of salmonella and e. coli O157:H7 in foods [1]