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    A campus climate survey on diversity and inclusion : a factor analysis [1]
    Can mindfulness meditation reduce the tendency to justify the status quo? [1]
    Canopy recruitment dynamics in naturally regenerated longleaf pine (pinus palustris) woodlands [1]
    Carbon scattering spectrometer for intense gamma-ray sources [1]
    Cashing in on girl power : the commodification of postfeminist ideals in advertising [1]
    Characterization of dysphagia onset in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS [1]
    Chemically-induced controlled growth of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals [1]
    Chlorinated lipid induce inflammatory responses in the microcirculation [1]
    Climate variation and corn price volatility : a partial equilibrium model [1]
    The cognitive reflection test : a measure of intuition reflection, numeracy, and insight problem solving, and the implications of understanding real-world judgments and beliefs [1]
    Combating structural racialization in the agriculture industry : a case study of Hmong social capital and collective entrepreneurship in the Twin Cities, MN region [1]
    Comparative framing of the Duggar family's women in entertainment news [1]
    Comparison of dual-polarization radar-derived and disdrometer drop-size distributions with S- and X- band radars [1]
    Competing fantasies of humans and machines: Symbolic convergences in artificial intelligence events coverage [1]
    Computational analysis of tongue image for health diagnosis [1]
    Computational study of infrared spectra of silica polymorphs via classical mechanics [1]
    Considerations for reproductive management of bos indicus-influenced beef heifers [1]
    Contemporary light sources and their impact on the discoloration and oxidation of fresh beef products [1]
    A content review of precision agriculture courses across the United States [1]
    Corrected title: Effect of front desk employees' characteristics on the first impression of customers and customers' satisfaction [1]