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    Data journalism and democracy: how American mass media framed the 2016 presidential campaign in the United States using data visualization [1]
    Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment for enhancing biochemical conversion of switchgrass [1]
    Deep eutectic solvents extraction of dibenzothiophene in model diesel [1]
    Design of experimental apparatus for generation and measurement of an aerosol [1]
    The design, instrumentation, and validation of a multiphase shock tube facility [1]
    The development and synthesis of foundational ideas in four Debussy Préludes [1]
    Development and validation of standardized sampling protocols for assessing freshwater mussel populations in Missouri [1]
    Development of a multispectral sensor for crop canopy temperature measurement [1]
    Development of hybrid manufacturing technology for net-shape production of monolithic structures [1]
    Development of KBCommons : universal informatics framework for multi-omics translational research [1]
    Development of predictive models for the coalescence of fused deposition modeling fibers [1]
    Development of the human ex vivo split tissue osteoarthritis model [1]
    Differentiating psychosis risk and mania risk scales and their associations with spontaneous eye blink rate [1]
    Do fonts have politics? : typography and design of partisan and nonpartisan websites [1]
    Dolus : cyber defense using pretense against DDoS attacks in cloud platforms [1]
    Dynamic increase factor in reinforced concrete frames under disproportionate collapse [1]
    The effect of front desk employees' characteriestics on the first impression of customers and customers' satisfaction [1]
    The effect of laryngeal nerve transection on swallowing function in a mouse model [1]
    Effect of preovulatory follicle size on cumulus cell and follicular wall transcript abundance in beef cows [1]
    Effects of expressing emotion and altering loco color in organizational crisis responses [1]