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    The effect of front desk employees' characteriestics on the first impression of customers and customers' satisfaction [1]
    The effect of laryngeal nerve transection on swallowing function in a mouse model [1]
    Effect of preovulatory follicle size on cumulus cell and follicular wall transcript abundance in beef cows [1]
    Effects of expressing emotion and altering loco color in organizational crisis responses [1]
    Effects of fire and thinning on Kansas oak woodlands [1]
    Effects of parental home-based and school-based involvement on child's grades: comparing Asian and Hispanic parents [1]
    Effects of stand density on mitigation and adaptability to climate change in pine and hardwood forests of Missouri [1]
    Ego trip [1]
    Empirical study of deep neural network architectures for protein secondary structure prediction [1]
    Empowerment in academia: non-academic professional staff's perspectives on employee empowerment [1]
    Endothelial phenotype differs by both sex and vessel function [1]
    Energy-aware mobile edge computing for low-latency visual data processing [1]
    An essay on the burden of proof [1]
    Establishing, characterizing and deploying novel insect cell lines [1]
    Estimating the rock mass modulus of Missouri shale using pressuremeter tests [1]
    Evaluating the relationship between local food availability and wetland landscape structure in determining dabbling duck habitat use during spring migration [1]
    An evaluation of historical fire occurrence, drought, and the El Nio Southern Oscillation in the greater Cross Timbers region, U.S.A. [1]
    Evaluation of post punching capacity of flat plates under progressive collapse [1]
    Evaluation of the Geologic CO2 Sequestration Potential of the Morrow B Sandstone in the Farnsworth, Texas Hydrocarbon Field using Reactive Transport Modeling [1]
    Evaluation of the geologic CO[subscript 2]sequestration potential of the Morrow B sandstone in the Farnsworth, Texas hydrocarbon field using reactive transport modeling [1]