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    Management of nitrogen and nitrification inhibitors for corn and wheat production on claypan soils [1]
    Masculinity and the national hockey league: Hockey's gender constructions [1]
    The mass of solitude [1]
    Mechanical and thermal weed control in organic crops [1]
    Mobile banking : what drives consumer adoption [1]
    Modeling and simulation of a segmented thermoelectric generator [1]
    Modeling of droplet and bubble detachment assisted by electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) [1]
    Modeling the urban underground pallet tube system design [1]
    Multi-scale target detection based on morphological shared-weight neural network [1]
    A multiple subsystem approach to predicting speech intelligibility declines in older adults [1]
    Multispectral canopy reflectance and digital imaging to determine maturity [1]
    Myofibrillar regulatory mechanisms of stretch activation in mammalian striated muscle [1]
    Nanocellulose extraction and surface modification toward active packaging applications [1]
    Natural and synthetic materials for the regeneration of osseous tissue [1]
    Neuronal changes underlying altered biophysical properties of reticulospinal neurons following spinal cord injury in the lamprey [1]
    New model of flying sidekick traveling salesman problem with a charge-station [1]
    Nitrogen and harvest impact on warm-season grass biomass yield and feedstock quality [1]
    Not the normal commute : bicycling for transport in Columbia, Missouri [1]
    A novel approach to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of canine histiocytic sarcoma [1]
    Numeric modeling of a micro-scale differential thermal calorimeter for the purpose of cryopreservation [1]