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    A parametric study of a curved nuclear fuel plate in a narrow channel using numeric fluid structure interaction modeling [1]
    Patient stories in life science and society courses : a versatile teaching tool [1]
    Perceptions of Facebook and Twitter as sources of health information among African-American women [2]
    Performance/accuracy trade-offs of floating-point arithmetic on NVidia GPUs : from a characterization to an auto-tuner [1]
    Phosphorus digestibility of corn and soybean meal (SBM) in broilers : in search of a consistent and reliable model to quantify individual ingredient contribution [1]
    Physiological data analysis -- alcohol drinking prediction using statistical and deep learning methods [1]
    Players in the parasocial: Athletes impact on advertising through parasocial interactions [1]
    Portrait of the Calvinist as a young killer : confessions, fanaticism, and satanic horror in Hogg's Justified Sinner [1]
    Potential diagnostic methods and nutritional changes to combat bovine respiratory disease in receiving cattle [1]
    Potential for dairy exports to the UK post-brexit : bilateral partial equilibrium modeling in the presence of trade barriers [1]
    The predictability of Northern Hemispheric blocking using an ensemble mean forecast system [1]
    Prediction of Mississippi-Valley type ore fluid metal concentrations from solid solution metal concentrations in ore-stage minerals [1]
    Preschool for all : how sourcing shaped news framing of universal pre-k rollout in New York city [1]
    The prevalence of extra-lethal violence across cultures in warfare [1]
    Quantification of wine fault markers and their relation with risk factors [1]
    Quantifying the effect of local shelter on tree growth patterns within upper treeline ecotones in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming [1]
    A quantitative analysis of image repair strategies in political sex scandals [1]
    Queen Anne's revenge : a systems analysis of Blackbeard's flagship [1]
    Relational intersection of youth sport participation and identity development [1]
    Relative depth estimation from single monocular images with deep convolutional network [1]