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    Quantification of wine fault markers and their relation with risk factors [1]
    Quantifying the effect of local shelter on tree growth patterns within upper treeline ecotones in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming [1]
    A quantitative analysis of image repair strategies in political sex scandals [1]
    Queen Anne's revenge : a systems analysis of Blackbeard's flagship [1]
    Relational intersection of youth sport participation and identity development [1]
    Relative depth estimation from single monocular images with deep convolutional network [1]
    Reliability-based versus allowable stress design of foundations for the Center for Missouri Studies building [1]
    Research & development of Q-Baller -- a spherical wheeled robot [1]
    RNA-sequencing analysis in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia reveals aberrant gene expression and splicing alterations [1]
    The role of place in assisted living [1]
    Rust and leaf spot diseases on American elderberry plants [1]
    Safety evaluation of roundabouts at freeway ramp terminals and Highway Safety Manual calibration [1]
    Safety evaluation of roundabouts at freeway ramp terminals and HSM calibration [1]
    Searching for superwomen : female fans and their behavior [1]
    Seeing constructed realities : images and law in the contemporary American novel [1]
    Semi-automatic exploratory data analytics for actionable discoveries through subgroup mining [1]
    Serotonin transporter polymorphism and stress effects on gut microbiota at various time points in pregnancy [1]
    Show-me ambiguity : an ethnographic study of Missouri Civil War reenactment [1]
    Simulation-based design of patient-specific femoral locking plate using topology optimization [1]
    Socioeconomic status and adolescent alcohol involvement : evidence for a gene-environment Interaction [1]