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    Socioeconomic status and adolescent alcohol involvement : evidence for a gene-environment Interaction [1]
    Soil quality assessment for an alfisol undergoing alternative organic weed management systems [1]
    Spiritual tourism as the new colonialism : the maintenance of colonial hierarchy in Cusco, Peru [1]
    A study of legacy U.S. newspapers' digital subscription prices [1]
    A study of the portrayal of female on-air talent on Spanish language television news [1]
    A study on audience perception of fact and fiction in documentary [1]
    A sustainable livelihood resource evaluation of communities that participated in a livestock development project a decade ago [1]
    The sword of god: Plague and episcopal authority in the Late Antique West [1]
    Tank contaminant and residual effects of dicamba [1]
    A textual analysis of media framing of mass shootings : how characteristics surrounding mass shootings are framed in men's and women's magazines [1]
    Thermal transport of nanoenergetics in composite materials [1]
    Thermodynamic, kinematic, and radar parameters of isolated tornadoes with and without National Weather Service warning. [1]
    Thermodynamic, kinematic, and radar parameters of isolated tornadoes with and without NWS warning [1]
    Transaction costs and market thinness in crop byproduct markets [1]
    Transgenerational effects of in utero heat stress on reproduction in pigs [1]
    Understanding the subject : Woolf's use of the bildungsroman in The Voyage Out and Jacob's Room [1]
    Use of non-lethal endpoints to establish water quality requirements and optima of the Topeka Shiner (notropis topeka) [1]
    The use of sodium iodide for the management of bovine respiratory disease [1]
    Vehicle detection using morphological shared-weight neural network in the multiple instance learning framework [1]
    Voracious villains or hungry heroes? : depictions of food critics in popular media [1]