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    4D printing of stimulus-responsive polymeric materials
    Abjection and order: the grotesque aesthetic in Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and Dawn, and Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills
    Acculturation levels and brand perceptions of Hispanic female consumers
    Analysis of platlet function in the setting of controlled trauma in dogs using a whole blood electrical impedance platelet aggregometer
    Application of deep convolutional neural networks to automatic feature/object detection in high resolution remote sensing imagery
    Automatic geospatial content summarization and visibility enhancement by dehazing in aerial imagery
    Becoming aware
    Biochar and compost application effects on grapevine growth and physiology
    Characterization of berry ripening in Missouri Norton wine grapes
    Cultural interpretation of pictorial metaphor in global advertising imagery
    Developing baseline design criteria for people with lower body mobility impairments using inclusive design
    Development of double-positive metamaterial composites for antenna volume reduction
    Development of nanocellulose-based SERS substrate for detection of food contaminants
    Developmental exposure to bisphenol a (BPA) and ethinyl estradiol (EE) and effects on F1 parental care and F2 pup parameters in California mice (Peromyscus californicus)
    Dynamic response of cold-formed steel roof trusses subject to blast load
    The effect of sodium/hydrogen exchanger inhibition on chemotherapy-induced intestinal epithelial damage
    Evaluating sampling methods and investigating distribution and richness of fish and amphibians in Missouri wetlands
    Evaluation of modulus of 3d printed Polycaprolactone/Hydroxyapatite tissue scaffolds created using fused deposition modeling
    Examination of choice preference structures in a sexual risk paradigm
    Experimental assessment of advanced thermal imaging for detecting voids in ducts