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    At the edge of a dream : the mismanagement of Pruitt-Igoe, 1950-1980
    Biochemical characteristics of different subtypes of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase and its interactions with the host factor : apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic polypeptide-like 3G
    Biochemical characterization of clade B and non-B HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
    Conformal mappings and the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation
    Counting theorems and inverse function theorems for analytic functions
    Dissecting water stress-induced molecular responses in the maize primary root
    Dynamically-scalable distributed cluster and cloud computing framework for IoT media data
    Electromechanical evolution of Carbon nanotube-coated microfibers
    Estimation of model states for a hydraulic valve system using an extended Kalman filter
    Fabrication and testing of a tool for thermodynamic characterization of microsamples
    Forgotten bonds : the role of sibling relationships in foster families
    From Gastarbeiter to Muslims: representations of Turkish migrants in West Germany from 1961-1989
    A geochemical look at obsidian procurement and exchange in the Medio period world: A case study 76 Draw (LA 156980)
    Graphical user interface for interactive image measurement applications
    Harmonic functions and the Dirichlet problem
    Hierarchical task analysis for intensive care nursing
    In vitro characterization of metal-binding and glutathione-binding proteins and their potential use to study transition metal homeostasis in plants
    The island belonged to them : slave provisioning and empire in the British West Indies, 1679-1833
    Kinematic analysis of the Debeque Landslide using radar interferometry and change-detection photogrammetry, Mesa County, CO