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    Age-generations in the workplace: an organization system type and space use preference systems analysis
    Alternative applications of whole genome de novo assembly in animal genomics
    Analyzing the impact of regular participation from at-risk students enrolled in a 21st century community learning center after-school tutoring program
    An approach to clustering biological phenotypes
    Beyond dialogue. Different literary and artistic strategies to represent the unspeakable in three francophone plays: Wajdi Mouawads Incendies, Groupovss Rwanda 94, and Milo Raus Hate Radio
    Black and blue: exploring protests, African American attitudes, and law enforcement behavior
    A case study of teachers' perceptions of student engagement in one Midwest rural high school
    The comic core: a theory of teaching sequential art narratives
    Communicated perspective-taking intervention: a social pathway to stress management
    Comprehensive wealth measurement and spatial hedonic analysis: social capital and social amenities
    Conceptualizing the process of supporting youths' psychological needs and intrinsic motivation within school based agricultural education programs: a mixed methods study
    The consequences of bank reporting failure for liquidity creation: evidence from accounting restatements
    Design, fabrication and testing of diamond radiation detectors for charged particle and neutron detection
    The development and evaluation of aces: a web-based training to enhance school nurses' attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and intention to provide adolescent cessation services
    Discovering disease causing variants in dogs through whole genome sequencing
    Does one test fit all? The effects of state-mandated assessments on students with special needs
    Ecclesiastical advice literature in Anglo-Saxon England
    The effectiveness of online learning in a basic law enforcement training academy: a quantitative study
    The effects of aneuploidy on gene expression in a dosage series of maize chromosome arm 1L
    Electrophysiological correlates of orienting retrieval to remote and recent memories: effects of an episodic specificity induction