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    3D genome structure reconstruction from chromosomal contact data [1]
    Age at first use and later substance involvement : characterizing genetic and environmental pathways for tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis / [1]
    Canine degenerative myelopathy : perspectives from aging, microglia and neurofilaments [1]
    A case study of secondary school principals' perceptions of a teacher evaluation system in one northwest Missouri school district [1]
    Challenge stressors, hindrance stressors, and psychological strain : the role of appraisals and goal orientations / [1]
    The costs and benefits of dampening of positive affect in youth [1]
    The counterterrorism escalation game : how leadership targeting affects the behavior of terrorist groups [1]
    Deep eutectic solvents : investigation of solvent structure and its applications [1]
    Development and validation of men's sexualizing behaviors of women scale [1]
    Development of a method for in vivo mechanical characterization of articular cartilage / [1]
    Development of phase change material integrated oriented strand board for thermal energy storage [1]
    Discovery of novel hepatitis B virus (HBV) antivirals and analysis of mechanisms of action of HBV-targeting agents [1]
    Divorced fathers' perceptions of parental disclosures to children [1]
    Exploring the role of extended family members in relation to a chronic family stressor : explicating the association between support, standards, stress, and coping in the context of autism [1]
    Factors affecting institutional repository adoption among research scientists and related stakeholder for digital scholarship : roadmap towards research visibility and collaboration in Ghana [1]
    Family support and prosocial behaviors in U. S. Mexican and European American young adults : the intervening roles of respect and sociocognitive/emotive traits [1]
    First-year student's understanding of academic dishonesty : a case study [1]
    A grounded theory of being 'gatekept' in multigenerational stepfamilies [1]
    Hybrid thermoelectric-ejector refrigeration system / [1]
    In situ diesel desulfurization in divided-cell trickle bed electrochemical reactor [1]