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    Airy beam for three-dimensional optical imaging / [1]
    Alternative materials for radiovoltaics [1]
    Analysis of cell signaling during floral abscission in arabidopsis [1]
    The Anthropocene as kairos : the rhetorical invention of ecological consensus / [1]
    Art/making sense of policy in art education [1]
    Assembling comics : the house style and legacy of RAW books and graphics [1]
    Babbler : a novel [1]
    Bayesian partition model for identifying hypo- and hyper- methylation [1]
    Bivalent peptide-based radioconjugates for prostate cancer imaging and potential therapy [1]
    Brand believers : reconciling journalistic and organizational identity at a city magazine [1]
    Bureaucratic organization and innovation : a mixed-methods study of U.S. state department of transportation website adoption / [1]
    Chemical and biochemical properties of abasic site adducts and 6-thioguanine DNA cross-links in DNA [1]
    Cholesterol synthesis inhibitors prevent growth and metastasis of breast cancer cells [1]
    A continuous-wave-based acoustic method to measure viscoelastic properties of materials [1]
    Critical, comparative analysis of the learning management system review : technological change, power relations, and discourse [1]
    A critical, comparative analysis of the LMS review : technological change, power relations, and discourse / [1]
    Data processing techniques of hydraulic bed sensor and doppler radar for elder care [1]
    Deep learning methods for protein prediction problem [1]
    Defining the undefinedness of C11 : practical semantics-based program analysis [1]
    Design and gas sorption study of c-alkylresorcin[n]arene-based cocrystals [1]