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    Angiotensin II deregulates mitochondrial quality control and prevents autophagosome formation in skeletal muscle
    Ankle fracture complications in the elderly
    Characterization of the dorsal ulnar corner in distal radius fractures : implication for surgical decision making
    Creation of a database, inconsistencies that arise, and implications on clinical outcomes for patients undergoing MRI fusion prostate biopsy
    Dermatology ECHO : a case report demonstrating benefits of specialty telementoring in primary care
    Dermatology ECHO : an evaluation of physical learning using the guided practice model
    Designing and optimizing a micromanipulator-controlled surgical tool for reproducible nerve crush injuries in mice
    The diagnostic accuracy of the rapid ultrasound in shock (rush) exam for shock etiology : a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Differences in glucose control, insulin sensitivity, and body composition between metabolically healthy and unhealthy people with obesity
    Examining rates of appointment compliance in different patient populations at a student-run free clinic
    Final surgical interventions in primary total knee arthroplasty infections : a retrospective
    Introducing an on-demand model for GoBabyGoEarly childhood power mobility provision
    Near infrared navigation system (NAVI) for real time visualization of blood flow
    A prospective database evaluating the outcomes of knee osteotomy procedures
    Understanding the correlation between coronal plane tibial plateau fractures and the Schatzker classification system