This collection holds group reports written by students in the Emerging Technologies in Libraries course offered by the MU School of Library Science and Emerging Technologies.

Recent Submissions

  • Ten technology resources for a children's librarian 

    Groh, Sydney; Mawhirter, Sara; Merz, David; Harbison, Wesley; Jones, Sarah (2017)
    A modern children's librarian requires more resources than simply the books in his or her collection. While the resources in this document are not comprehensive, they provide a starting point for exploration. These resources ...
  • Social media and information agencies 

    Boyd, Jamillah; Gabriel, Sarah; Huynh, Kiet; Killgore, Marley; Trower, Amanda; Wadlington, Delia (2017)
    This document outlines ten technologies that information agencies, libraries specifically, can use to increase and manage their presence on social media platforms.
  • 10 technologies and resources for Makerspaces 

    Culbertson, Kendall; Shade, Stephanie; Ziglar, Michelle; Sandler, Brittney; Waters, Caitlin (2017)
  • Electronic resources for public librarians 

    Hibler, Theresa; Maddox, Sonja; O'Bright, Bill; O'Mara, Caitlin; Thompson, Kayla (2017)
    Public libraries and their employees have a unique set of challenges they face on a daily basis. While earning an MLS degree, students learn skills that allow them to master almost any electronic resource they encounter, ...
  • Ten technologies for academic libraries 

    Cento, Kristin; Ellis, Holly; Hicks, Heather; Holifield, Nicole; Seidel, Aaron (2017)
    "Emerging technologies can assist academic librarians in many areas of their work. It is sometimes difficult to determine which technologies will be worthwhile or applicable to a particular library. To aid in this process, ...