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  • Sequence summation factors 

    Pauw, Adrian (University of Missouri, 1955)
    "This paper defines a new structural parameter called "Sequence-summation Factor" which may be used in the systematic calculation of "over-relaxation" factors for moment distribution processes. These sequence-summation ...
  • Field testing of two prestressed concrete girders 

    Pauw, Adrian; Breen, John E. (University of Missouri, 1961)
    "This paper presents the procedures used and the results obtained in a cooperative research project designed to obtain field data to determine the actual behavior during construction and in service of one of the first ...
  • Stability of laminar flow in curved channels 

    Yih, Chi-Shun; Sangster, W.M. (University of Missouri, 1957)
    "Occurrence of secondary flow of a viscous fluid flowing under a pressure gradient in curved channels has often been explained by invoking the existence of boundary layers before the primary flow is established. In this ...
  • Transfer of load between precast bride slabs 

    Pauw, Adrian; Breen, John E. (University of Missouri, 1961)
    "This paper presents the procedures used and the results obtained in a series of static load tests designed to study the mechanism of load transfer between adjacent precast bridge-slab sections. These tests were undertaken ...
  • Method for obtaining the trees of a v vertix complete graph from the trees of a v-1 complete graph 

    Zobrist, G.W.; Lago, G.V. (University of Missouri, 1965)
    "A method is described for obtaining the trees of a v vertex complete graph through an iterative process. The iterative process is as follows, first find all the trees of a 3 vertex complete graph, then by an appropriate ...
  • The engineer becomes a professional manager 

    Rubey, Harry (University of Missouri, 1953)
    "Today over a third of the management of large industry in America is in the hands of engineers, over a third of mature engineering graduates now find their duties largely managerial in nature, and most engineers have ...
  • Supplemental irrigation for missouri and regions of similar rainfall 

    Rubey, Harry (University of Missouri, 1951)
    "The expansion of supplemental irrigation in Missouri will ensure satisfactory crops in those seasons where rainfall is inadequate in amount or distribution through the season, ensure increased quality and quantity of crop ...
  • Controlled-deflection design method for reinforced concrete beams and slabs 

    Pauw, Adrian (University of Missouri, 1962)
    "Describes a design method for reinforced concrete beams and slabs in which the allowable ratio of span to deflection is a criterion. The method may also be used for estimating deflections in given designs including those ...
  • Equivalent load method for analyzing prestressed concrete structures 

    Moorman, Robert B.B. (University of Missouri, 1952)
    "A method is presented for post-tensioned reinforced concrete structures whereby the effect of cable tension can be expressed as a distributed or concentrated load. The analysis thus becomes a simple matter of applying ...
  • Additions to sample data theory 

    Lago, G.V. (University of Missouri, 1955)
    "In the current literature, two different approaches to sampled-data theory prevail. One approach emphasizes the z-transformation methods for design and synthesis. The other approach emphasizes the Laplace transformation ...
  • Characteristics equation of cylindrical shells : a simplified method of solution 

    Pauw, Adrian; Sangster, W.M. (University of Missouri, 1962)
    "Messrs. Ramaswamy and Ramaiah suggest an elegant procedure for determining the roots of the eighth-degree characteristic equation. The method consists of converting the eighth-degree equation into a biquadratic and then ...
  • Measuring equivalent circuits 

    Hogan, J.C.; Verrall, V.E. (University of Missouri, 1960)
    "The equivalent circuit is a familiar tool to power system engineers. Today's large interconnected power systems often are studied as electric networks in which part of the network is a simplified equivalent of the actual ...
  • Coating thickness measurements using pulsed eddy currents 

    Waidelich, Donald L. (University of Missouri, 1955)
    "The nondestructive measurement of the thickness of one metal coated or clad upon another metal as a base has been studied for the past twenty years or more. If one of the metals is magnetic, the problem is relatively ...
  • Lightweight aggregates for structural concrete 

    Pauw, Adrian (University of Missouri, 1955)
    "In recent years interest in lightweight concrete has become widespread, not only on account of its light weight, which is desirable in floor slabs, walls and partitions, but also because of its high thermal and sound ...
  • An evaluation of the overhead projector in teaching kinematics 

    Covert, Richard P. (University of Missouri, 1961)
    "The overhead projector has been used as a teaching aid for several years, in elementary education and in engineering drawing. No use of an overhead projector in kinematics has been reported, nor has there been a statistical ...
  • Static modulus of elasticity of conrete as affected by density 

    Pauw, Adrian (University of Missouri, 1960)
    "The elastic modulus of concrete is an important parameter in reinforced concrete design and analysis. With the increased use of lightweight aggregates for structural concrete a better understanding of the relationship ...
  • A selection of papers on mechanization and automation in small business 

    Beauchamp Jr., James (University of Missouri, 1961)
  • Effect of edge conditions on buckling of stiffened and framed shells 

    Buchert, Kenneth P. (University of Missouri, 1967)
    "A series of stiffened shells made of plastic were tested to verify the theoretical equations for the effect of edge conditions on the buckling of stiffened and framed shells. The theory was developed by calculating the ...
  • Creep of conrete: influencing factors and prediction 

    Neville, Adam M.; Meyers, Bernard L.; Pauw, Adrian (University of Missouri, 1964?)
  • Design of optimum phase-shift oscillators 

    Waidelich, Donald L. (University of Missouri, 1957)
    In the designing of phase-shift oscillators it is advantageous to make the loss in the phase shift circuit a minimum, so that an amplifier of minimum gain may be used. A method of obtaining such a design has been developed ...

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