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    Education for library service to youth in five countries [1]
    The effect of gender and marital status on financial risk tolerance [1]
    The effect of gender and marital status on financial risk tolerance [abstract] [1]
    Effects of age on saving motives of Chinese urban consumers [1]
    Employment status and financial resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic [1]
    Envisioning the future of reference instruction : LIS students' and practitioners' opinions on print and online sources. [1]
    Evaluating cultural authenticity in multicultural picture books : a collaborative analysis for diversity education [1]
    An exploratory study of Chinese Americans' debt holding [1]
    An exploratory survey of reference source instruction in LIS courses [1]
    Factors related to making investment mistakes in a down market [1]
    Factors related to meeting the capital accumulation ratio guideline [1]
    Family finances in urban China : evidence from a national survey [1]
    Fiction access points across computer-mediated book information sources: A comparison of online bookstores, reader advisory databases, and public library catalogs. [1]
    Financial risk tolerance of Chinese American families [1]
    Financial wellbeing of Asian Americans [1]
    A food aid strategy for Haiti : maximizing developmental effectiveness [1]
    Food assistance : economic and food security impacts [1]
    The function of libraries for Latino college students [2]
    Gender differences in financial risk tolerance [1]
    Grantsmanship and consulting policy: Discussion [1]