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    Migration and return migration: A new look at the Eastern Kentucky migration stream [1]
    Millennials' retirement saving behavior : account ownership and balance [1]
    Not there yet [1]
    Optimal selection of blocked robust parameter designs and their applications [1]
    People left behind : transitions of the rural poor : discussion [1]
    Perception of romance readers : an analysis of Missouri librarians [1]
    Perceptions of romance readers : an analysis of Missouri librarians [1]
    Prior investment outcomes and stock investment in defined contribution plans [1]
    Promoting romance novels in American public libraries [1]
    Psychic costs and factor price equalization [1]
    Public library outreach as a function of staffing and metropolitan location. [1]
    Reading sources and reading spaces in Honduras [1]
    Reference librarians and LIS students : contrasting views of reference source training and experience [1]
    Reference source instruction : a model for teaching [1]
    Relations between librarians and romance readers: A Missouri survey. [1]
    Research agendas and time : persistence and change in the profession's questions [1]
    Review of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition by American Psychological Association [1]
    Review of the book Consumer Economics : The Consumer in our Society by Zelenak, M. & Reiboldt, W. [1]
    The role of market returns in retirement decision-making [1]
    Romance novels in American public libraries : A study of collection development practices. [1]