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  • A food aid strategy for Haiti : maximizing developmental effectiveness 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Siaway, Arthur T.; Prehm, Marilyn; Rankins, Jenice; Whitney, Thomas (1987)
    "The country of Haiti stands at a critical threshold for shaping its political and economic future. Concerted, visionary leadership must be put in place in order to guide the re-shaping of the Haitian economy. The purpose ...
  • Employment status and financial resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Yao, Rui; Zhang, Jie (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2023)
    Purpose – The purpose of this study is to examine the association between employment status and financial resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Design/methodology/approach – This study employed U.S. nationally representative ...
  • Mental disorders associated with COVID-19 related unemployment 

    Yao, Rui; Wu, Weipeng (2021)
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on economic activities have resulted in a sharp rise of unemployment. The purpose of this research is to explore mental disorders associated with COVID-19 related unemployment ...
  • Use of advisors and retirement plan performance 

    Yao, Rui; Wu, Weipeng; Mendenhall, Cody (2020)
    As DC plans become more popular than DB plans, American workers are increasingly responsible for their retirement savings. Because retirement plan participants' portfolio allocation is constrained by the available funds ...
  • Millennials' retirement saving behavior : account ownership and balance 

    Yao, Rui; Cheng, Guopeng (2017)
    Millennials is the largest population in the United States. Compared with their parents and grandparents, they have to shoulder more responsibilities to prepare financially for retirement. It is critical for Millennials ...
  • Credit card usage among college students in China 

    Yao, Rui; Meng, Xiangyi (2018)
    Credit cards have become a common method of payment for college students in China. It is important that they form good credit card usage behaviors and build a good credit history early in their financial life. Using data ...
  • United States Food for Peace 60 years, 3 billion lives dinner program 

    Program for the 60th anniversary dinner of the United States Food for Peace Program, held in 2014.
  • Food assistance : economic and food security impacts 

    Deaton, Brady J. (2014)
    "We recently heralded one of the United States' finest moments: the creation of Food for Peace, a program of food security for poor countries based on the prodigious strength of the US food system. We continue as a nation ...
  • 60 years, 3 billion lives : dinner in honor of the U.S. Food for Peace Program, July 9, 2014, Kennedy Caucus Room, United States Senate 

    (U.S. Food for Peace Program, 2014)
    Dinner program -- Meeting the Hunger Challenge -- The early years -- Food for recovery and economic growth, 1960-1980 -- Expanding the food aid toolbox, 2980-2010. Food for Progress in action ; Food, Agriculture, Conservation, ...
  • Building assets : economic pathways for the world's smallholders 

    Deaton, Brady J. (2018)
    "Food aid satisfies important humanitarian values. It can be an important tool for building economic resilience at all levels. Ultimately it leads to strong trading partnerships with donor countries. History tells us that ...
  • BB&T Lecture, Radford University, 2015 

    Deaton, Brady J. (2015)
    Presentation slides from the Fall 2015 BB&T Global Capitalism Lecture at Radford University, given by Brady Deaton. "Brady J. Deaton, chancellor emeritus at the University of Missouri, addressed the resilience of global ...
  • Local economic planning and management 

    Deaton, Brady J. (Georgetown University Graduate School, Academy in the Public Service, 1979)
    Georgetown University's Academy in the Public Service is dedicated to the improvement of local government by providing assistance to citizen-politicians who serve as elected public servants while maintaining full-time ...
  • Grantsmanship and consulting policy: Discussion 

    Deaton, Brady J. (Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics, 1993-07)
    Effective grantsmanship and consulting can be stimulating roles for faculty, but they can also be high-risk if they are not consistent with the mission of the university. The public interest in our land grant mission must ...
  • Conceptual underpinnings of policy analysis for rural development 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Nelson, Glenn L. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1992-07)
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a concise overview of the challenges associated with the breadth of the field and to suggest areas of analysis and analytic devices that would facilitate greater focus in the future.
  • People left behind : transitions of the rural poor : discussion 

    Deaton, Brady J. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1991-07)
    The theme of my discussion is that we have seriously underinvested in information and knowledge systems to serve both the needs of the poor and of the practitioners addressing rural development problems. Such problems are ...
  • The determinants of wage increases in new manufacturing plants in rural areas 

    Klindt, Thomas H.; Deaton, Brady J.; Landes, Maurice R. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1981-07)
    The research reported here was designed to explain variation in wage changes of new industrial plant employees. Following the theoretical perspectives of Gotsch, wage changes were hypothesized to result from a combination ...
  • Location determinants of manufacturing industry in rural areas 

    Smith, Eldon D.; Deaton, Brady J.; Kelch, David R. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1978-07)
    The spatial distribution of economic activity has been the subject of much theoretical study during the last 150 years. The two-state study which provides primary evidence for this article is, to the authors' knowledge, ...
  • Psychic costs and factor price equalization 

    Morgan, Larry C.; Deaton, Brady J. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1975-07)
    There has been some perplexity among economists over the failure of interregional wage differentials to approach zero over time in an economy characterized by labor mobility. Johnson [7], and Sjaastad [14] , among others, ...
  • Migration and return migration: A new look at the Eastern Kentucky migration stream 

    Anschel, Kurt R.; Deaton, Brady J. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1974-07)
    Most studies of the economics of migration have implicitly assumed that migratory streams are homogeneous. However, migratory streams from one region to another consist of two distinct streams: a stream of first-time ...
  • Rural housing needs and barriers: The case of central Appalachia 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Hanrahan, Charles E. (Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1973-07)
    The nation's housing needs are a subject of major public concern - and rightfully so. The 1970 Census revealed 2.5 million substandard houses in nonmetropolitan areas inhabited by almost 13 million people. Two earlier major ...