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    Governing Corporations: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Expanding Role of Business in Society
    Guideline-Directed Statin Therapy in Patients with New or Worsening Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease
    Hand Gesture Recognition via Electromyographic (EMG) Armband for CAD Software CONTROL
    iMOST: Intelligent Motion-Sensing Approaches for Tracking Emotion
    The Influence of Regional Stress and Structural Control Over the Shape of Maar Craters
    Influence of Silane Penetrating Sealer on Deicer Scaling and Absorption of Concrete Highway Pavement
    Longer Right Colon Withdrawal Time and Retroflexion Duration Significantly Increases Adenoma Detection Rate: A Randomized Controlled Trial at Three Endoscopy Centers
    Material Evidence
    MDRED: Multi-Modal Multi-Task Distributed Recognition for Event Detection
    Multi-Modal Topic Sentiment Analytics for Twitter
    The Nightingale and the Rose: Chamber Opera in Two Acts
    Optimization of Soil-Lime and Cement Mixes for Compressed Earth Stabilized Blocks for Low-Cost Housing in East Africa (Kenya)
    Predictors of Receipt of Counseling Services from Religious Leaders in African American Church Populations
    Protest and Survive: A Brief History and Analysis of the Politics of Punk
    Qualitative Software Engineering and Parallel Sorting Algorithm for Real Numbers
    A Remedy for Death For Mixed Ensemble
    Ripening Kinetics of Iron Sulfides in the Presence/Absence of a Carbonyl Group
    SAF-DL: Semantic Analysis Framework for Deep Learning Open Source Projects
    A Study of EMI-TFSI Using Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy
    Teaching Undergraduate Music Theory Through World Music