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    Optimization of Soil-Lime and Cement Mixes for Compressed Earth Stabilized Blocks for Low-Cost Housing in East Africa (Kenya)
    Predictors of Receipt of Counseling Services from Religious Leaders in African American Church Populations
    Protest and Survive: A Brief History and Analysis of the Politics of Punk
    Qualitative Software Engineering and Parallel Sorting Algorithm for Real Numbers
    A Remedy for Death For Mixed Ensemble
    Ripening Kinetics of Iron Sulfides in the Presence/Absence of a Carbonyl Group
    SAF-DL: Semantic Analysis Framework for Deep Learning Open Source Projects
    A Study of EMI-TFSI Using Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy
    Teaching Undergraduate Music Theory Through World Music
    Technological Solution beyond MOSFET and Binary Logic Device
    Temporal and harmonic concerns in the music of Robert Carl
    Toward smart Mobility by Enhancing Travel-Time Reliability
    Toward the Origins of Peyote Beadwork
    Trust and Inequality: Are Perceptions of Inequality Influencing Trust?
    Use of National Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Warehouse to Identify Inappropriate HbA1c Orders for Sickle cell Disease Patients
    Variability in Pricing of Generic Antipsychotic Medications Used in the Treatment of Schizophrenia at Community Pharmacies in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area
    Watershed Analysis and Urban Stormwater Solutions for the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri
    We Happy Few: An Exploration of the Feast of Crispian and Military Stories in Shakespeare
    When Cultures Collide: How Primitive Masculinity and Class Conflict Derailed the Patrick J. Hurley Diplomatic Mission to China, 1944-1945