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    • Parallelism in Verbal Art and Performance: An Introduction
      by Frog, Lotte Tarkka
    • Remembering and Recreating Origins: The Transformation of a Tradition of Canonical Parallelism among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia
      by James J. Fox
    • "Word upon a Word": Parallelism, Meaning, and Emergent Structure in Kalevala-meter Poetry
      by Lotte Tarkka
    • "The Language of Gods": The Pragmatics of Bilingual Parallelism in Ritual Ch'orti' Maya Discourse
      by Kerry Hull
    • Parallelism and the Composition of Oral Narratives in Banda Eli
      by Timo Kaartinen
    • Parallelism and Musical Structures in Ingrian and Karelian Oral Poetry
      by Kati Kallio
    • Poetic Parallelism and Working Memory
      by Nigel Fabb
    • Parallelism in the Hanvueng: A Zhuang Verse Epic from West-Central Guangxi in Southern China
      by David Holm
    • "Said a Word, Uttered Thus": Structures and Functions of Parallelism in Arhippa Perttunen's Poems
      by Jukka Saarinen
    • Parallelism and Orders of Signification (Parallelism Dynamics I)
      by Frog
    • Parallelism in Karelian Laments
      by Eila Stepanova
    • Prayers for the Community: Parallelism and Performance in San Juan Quiahije Eastern Chatino
      by Hilaria Cruz
    • Parallelism in Arandic Song-Poetry
      by Myfany Tuprin
    • Twin Constellations: Parallelism and Stance in Stand-Up Comedy
      by Antti Lindfors
    • Multimedial Parallelism in Ritual Performance (Parallelism Dynamics II)
      by Frog

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