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  • Conference Calendar 

    Chela, Harleen (2018-01)
  • Influenza update 

    Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2018-01)
    This flu season has been especially bad. As of epidemiological week 4 (week ending on January 27th), overall hospitalizations are now the highest we've seen in recent years and flu associated deaths in children and adults ...
  • Ask a Pathologist 

    Kneib, Jessica; Coberly, Emily (2018-01)
    Question: After ordering a type and screen I was notified by the blood bank that my patient has cold autoantibodies. Does this mean that my patient has a cold agglutinin disease?
  • Headache : Could it be esophageal cancer? 

    Brahmbhatt, Mihir; Abdel-karim, Abdul-rahman; Arora, Navanshu (2018-01)
    Brain metastasis in patients with primary esophageal carcinoma is rare and has a poor prognosis. Here we report a case with brain metastasis as the initial presentation for patient's esophageal cancer.
  • Acute esotropia in the setting of heroin withdrawal 

    Satish, Bokka; Sivaprasad, Pesala; Bollu, Pradeep (2018-01)
    Acute onset of concomitant esotropia presenting with diplopia can be seen in the setting of heroin withdrawal. We report a case of acute esotropia in a young white male during heroin withdrawal. A sudden onset of eye ...
  • A framework to tackle risk identification and presentation challenges in sepsis 

    Capan, Muge; Mosby, Danielle; Miller, Kristen; Tao, Jun; Wu, Pan; Weintraub, William; Kowalski, Rebecca; Arnold, Ryan (2018-01)
    Sepsis trajectories, including onset and recovery, can be difficult to assess, but electronic health records (EHRs) can accurately capture sepsis as a dynamic episode.
  • Acute ischemic stroke management review for the hospitalist 

    Haldal, Shilpa; Beary, Jonathan; Nattanmai, Premkumar; George, Pravin; Newey, Christopher (2018-01)
    The treatment of acute ischemic stroke is dependent on timely recognition. After ensuring airway, respiratory and circulatory stability, NIHSS should be performed and urgent CT scan obtained. If no exclusions exist, ...
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