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    • Words of Truth: Authority and Agency in Ritual and Legal Speeches in the Himalayas
      by Anne de Sales, Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
    • Authoritative Modes of Speech in a Central Himalayan Ritual
      by John Leavitt
    • The Untouchable Bard as Author of his Royal Patron: A Social Approach to Oral Epic Poetry in Western Nepal
      by Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
    • The Sources of Authority for Shamanic Speech: Examples from the Kham-Magar of Nepal
      by Anne de Sales
    • Meaning, Intention, and Responsibility in Rai Divinatory Discourse
      by Martin Gaenszle
    • The House of Letters: Musical Apprenticeship among the Newar Farmers (Kathmandu Valley, Nepal)
      by Franck Bernède
    • Imparting and (Re-)Confirming Order to the World: Authoritative Speech Traditions and Socio-political Assemblies in Spiti, Upper Kinnaur, and Purang in the Past and Present
      by Christian Jahoda
    • The Authority of Law and the Production of Truth in India
      by Daniela Berti
    • Engendering Minorities in Nepal: The Authority of Legal Discourse and the Production of Truth
      by Barbara Berardi Tadié
    • Authority, Status, and Caste Markers in Everyday Village Conversations: the Example of Eastern Nepal
      by Pustak Ghimire

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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