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    • Transmissions and Transitions in Indian Oral Traditions: An Introduction
      by Kirin Narayan
    • "Who am I . . . what significance do I have?" Shifting Rituals, Receding Narratives, and Potential Change of the Goddess' Identity in Gangamma Traditions of South India
      by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
    • Kabīr: Oral to Manuscript Transitions
      by Peter Friedlander
    • Waiting for Moonrise: Fasting, Storytelling, and Marriage in Provincial Rajasthan
      by Ann Grodzins Gold
    • The Social Life of Transcriptions: Interactions around Women's Songs in Kangra
      by Kirin Narayan
    • Cordelia's Salt: Interspatial Reading of Indic Filial-Love Stories
      by Leela Prasad
    • Ritual, Performance, and Transmission: The Gaddi Shepherds of Himachal Himalayas
      by Mahesh Sharma

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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