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    • Orality and Technology, or the Bit and the Byte: The Work of the World Oral Literature Project
      by Mark Turin
    • Noting the Tunes of Seventeenth-Century Broadside Ballads: The English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA)
      by Patricia Fumerton, Eric Nebeker
    • On the Principles of a Digital Text Corpus: New Opportunities in Working on Heroic Epics of the Shors
      by Dmitri A. Funk
    • The Working Papers of Iona and Peter Opie
      by Julia C. Bishop
    • The Matti Kuusi International Database of Proverbs
      by Outi Lauhakangas
    • The SKVR Database of Ancient Poems of the Finnish People in Kalevala Meter and the Semantic Kalevala
      by Lauri Harvilahti
    • The Heritage of Australian Children's Play and Oral Tradition
      by Kate Darian-Smith
    • Ukrainian Folklore Audio
      by Natalie Kononenko
    • Curation of Oral Tradition from Legacy Recordings: An Australian Example
      by Nick Thieberger
    • The Digital Archiving of Endangered Language Oral Traditions: Kaipuleohone at the University of Hawai'i and C'ek'aedi Hwnax in Alaska
      by Andrea L. Berez
    • The Sirat Bani Hilal Digital Archive
      by Dwight F. Reynolds
    • Medieval Storytelling and Analogous Oral Traditions Today: Two Digital Databases
      by Evelyn Birge Vitz, Marilyn Lawrence
    • Estonian Folklore Archives
      by Risto Järv
    • A Jukebox Full of Stories
      by William Schneider
    • The James Madison Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama
      by Julia C. Bishop, David Atkinson, Robert Young Walser
    • Cnuasach Bhéaloideas Éireann: The National Folklore Collection, University College Dublin
      by Ríonach uí Ógáin
    • The Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews Digital Library
      by Bruce Rosenstock, Belén Bistué
    • MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
      by Beverley Diamond, Ian Brodie
    • The Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature
      by David F. Elmer
    • From Spoken Word to Digital Corpus: The Calum Maclean Project
      by John Shaw, Andrew Wiseman
    • Cartlanna Sheosaimh Uí Éanaí: The Joe Heaney Archives
      by Lillis Ó Laoire
    • The Philippine Epics and Ballads Multimedia Archive
      by Nicole Revel
    • The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America: An Overview
      by Susan Smyth Kung, Joel Sherzer

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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