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    • Sounding Out the Heirs of Abraham (Rom 4:9-12)
      by Nina E. Livesey
    • Sensing "Place": Performance, Oral Tradition, and Improvisation in the Hidden Temples of Mountain Altai
      by Carole Pegg, Elizaveta Yamaeva
    • Kumeyaay Oral Tradition, Cultural Identity, and Language Revitalization
      by Margaret Field, Jon Meza Cuero
    • Patronage, Commodification, and the Dissemination of Performance Art: The Shared Benefits of Web Archiving
      by Elizabeth Wickett
    • "Copy Debts"?—Towards a Cultural Model for Researchers' Accountability in an Age of Web Democracy
      by Jan Jansen
    • Instrument Teaching in the Context of Oral Tradition: A Field Study from Bolu, Turkey
      by Nesrin Kalyoncu, Cemal Özata
    • Challenges in Comparative Oral Epic
      by John Miles Foley, Chao Gejin

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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