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    Heroic register, oral tradition, and the Alliterative Morte Arthure [1]
    Intentionally adrift : What the Pathways Project can teach us about teaching and learning [1]
    Introduction and Tabula Gratulatoria [1]
    Juxtaposing Cogadh Gaedel re Gallaib with Orkneyinga saga [1]
    Leslie Marmon Silko and Simon J. Ortiz : Pathways to the tradition [1]
    Matija Murko, Wilhelm Radloff, and oral epic studies [1]
    Memory on canvas : Commedia dell'Arte as a model for Homeric performance [1]
    The metonym : Rhetoric and oral tradition at the crossroads [1]
    A Misnomer of sizeable proportions : SMS and Oral Tradition [1]
    The Old English verse line in translation : steps toward a new theory of page presentation [1]
    Oral tradition and Sappho [1]
    Oral tradition, volume 26, number 2 (October 2011) - Festschrift for John Miles Foley [1]
    A personal appreciation : how John Miles Foley laid the foundation for my life in an ashram [1]
    Prisons, performance arena, and occupational humor [1]
    Remix : Pathways of the mind [1]
    Rethinking individual authorship : Robert Burns, Oral Tradition, and the twenty-first century [1]
    The role of memory in the tradition represented by the deuteronomic history and the Book of Chronicles [1]
    Sean-nos i gConamara / Sean-nos in Connemara : Digital media and oral traditions in the west of Ireland [1]
    Stricken to silence : Authoritative response, Homeric irony, and the peril of a missed language cue [1]
    A swarm in July : Beekeeping perspectives on the Old English Wid Ymbe charm [1]