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    • "Like Cords Around My Heart": Sacred Harp Memorial Lessons and the Transmission of Tradition
      by Kiri Miller
    • "Writing" and "Reference" in Ifá Divination Chants
      by Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́
    • Orality, Literacy, Popular Culture: An Eighteenth-Century Case Study
      by Laura Davies
    • "Secret Language" in Oral and Graphic Form: Religious-Magic Discourse in Aztec Speeches and Manuscripts
      by Katarzyna Mikulska Dąbrowska
    • Improvised Song in Schools: Breaking Away from the Perception of Traditional Song as Infantile by Introducing a Traditional Adult Practice
      by Jaume Ayats, Albert Casals, Mercè Vilar
    • The Tuzu Gesar Epic: Performance and Singers
      by Wang Guoming
    • Interperformative Relationships in Ingrian Oral Poetry
      by Kati Kallio
    • Rethinking the Orality-Literacy Paradigm in Musicology
      by Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson
    • Asian Origins of Cinderella: The Zhuang Storyteller of Guangxi
      by Fay Beauchamp
    • A Bibliography of Publications by Albert Bates Lord
      by John Miles Foley, Morgan E. Grey, Mary Louise Lord

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