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    • Reading Aloud in Dickens' Novels
      by Tammy Ho Lai-ming
    • (Re)presenting Ourselves: Art, Identity, and Status in U. K. Poetry Slam
      by Helen Gregory
    • Defendiendo la (Agri)Cultura: Reterritorializing Culture in the Puerto Rican Décima
      by Joan Gross
    • Karelia: A Place of Memories and Utopias
      by Outi Fingerroos
    • The Anxiety of Writing: A Reading of the Old English Journey Charm
      by Katrin Rupp
    • Thrênoi to Moirológia: Female Voices of Solitude, Resistance, and Solidarity
      by Andrea Fishman
    • The Metamorphosis of an Oral Tradition: Dissonance in the Digital Stories of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
      by Lorenzo Cherubini

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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