Missouri Hospitalist Issue 50. January-March, 2014 Contents

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  • Conference calendar 

    Conference Calendar.
  • Diagnostic dilemma : Answers 

    Diagnostic Dilemma Answers for Issue 50.
  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily; Campbell, Jack; Hammer, Richard (2014-01)
    QUESTION: I took care of a patient with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), but the pathologist did not see schistocytes on the patient’s peripheral blood smear. What is the role of peripheral smear in diagnosing DIC?
  • ID corner 

    Salzer, William (2014-01)
    The NEJM is running a series of review articles on Critical Care Medicine.
  • Diagnostic dilemma 

    Balla, Sudharshan (2014-01)
    1. 65-year-old male with history of CAD was referred by orthopedic surgeon for pre-operative risk stratification. 2. 57-year-old female is admitted for severe right lower quadrant abdominal pain. 3. 45 year old male with ...
  • Advanced hospital medicine Fellowship program 

    Naqvi, Hasan (2014-01)
    The hospitalist field was founded on the premise that inpatient generalists could improve the care of hospitalized patients and systems of inpatient care. In the early years, the challenge was to determine whether the field ...
  • ASH choosing wisely 

    Nistala, Puja; Kodali, Murali; Arya, Monika (2014-01)
    The Choosing Wisely(R) campaign challenges medical societies to identify 5 tests, procedures, or treatments within each specialty's clinical domain that are offered to patients despite an absence of evidence demonstrating ...
  • 10 things to know about Influenza 

    Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2014-01)
    Influenza is an acute, contagious and usually self-limited febrile illness caused by infection of the respiratory tract with the influenza virus. The most common clinical manifestations are fever, malaise, and cough. The ...
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