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  • Articles
    • eCompanions
      by John Miles Foley, Mark Jarvis
    • Basque Oral Poetry Championship
      by John Miles Foley
    • A Sociological Study of Sung, Extempore Verse-Making
      by Alfredo Retortillo, Xabier Aierdi
    • Social Features Of Bertsolaritza
      by Jon Sarasua
    • Basque Oral Ecology
      by Joxerra Garzia
    • Verse Schools
      by Ainhoa Agirreazaldegi, Arkaitz Goikoetxea
    • In the School Curriculum
      by Joxerra Garzia
    • History of Improvised Bertsolaritza: A Proposal
      by Joxerra Garzia
    • The Process of Creating Improvised Bertsos
      by Andoni Egaña
    • Toward True Diversity in Frame of Reference
      by Joxerra Garzia
    • Interview with Joxe Agirre Esnal
      by Laxaro Azkune
    • Interview with Andoni Egaña Makazaga
      by Josu Goikoetxea
    • Interview with Maialen Lujanbio
      by Estitxu Eizagirre

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